De Bruyne: “I have never felt so much pain”

Kevin De Bruyne, the Manchester City midfielder, spoke to the media prior to the second leg of the Champions League semifinals that will face Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. A duel to which the Belgian player arrives recovered from his latest injury. He has spoken about this and has confessed that “there have been very hard months because he had never felt so much pain before.”

On his confrontation with Madrid: “They are two teams that like to be offensive, but tomorrow the game starts 0-0 and we have to be ready. The perspective is not going to change as a player. We always want to win this trophy. We have fought for years. It is a tournament with a high level. Winning would change the narrative. I am aware of what I have done in my career and I am happy with what I have achieved, but I want to win any competition in which I compete.”

Photo de De Bruyne

The match in 2016: “We are better than that year. We did not finish that season well. Madrid were the power at that time and we are a different team. That was the first semi-final for City and now we are more experienced. With Guardiola there is confidence to win. It doesn’t matter what game, we’re always very prepared. It’s easier to watch Madrid on television than a third-class team, but we deal with the details in the same way”.

Guardiola and his influence: “He has helped me develop as a player, but I don’t know if it would be the same with other coaches. He has done outstanding things but we players also want to evolve. I have been lucky enough to meet a coach who likes the same style of football as I have. I’ve always played in the same place on the pitch, but I do what the team needs and I’m comfortable.”

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De Bruyne’s best version: “These have been very hard months because I had never felt so much pain before. Once the pain went away, I began to feel more normal. My body was as it should be. I feel that I am at the same level as before. I don’t know if I am at a higher level than before.

City and its position in Europe: “We’re on the right track. We haven’t won the title and that’s the only criticism we can take. We always try but we need to go one step further tomorrow.”

Foden’s progression: “It’s incredible. I’ve known him since he was almost a child. When you go up to the first team you need some time to adapt but now you can see how he plays. He’s not a young talent, he’s one of the City players and he can decide a tie. He always delivers. with what you have to do.”

The great moment of Gabriel Jesus: “When I have given him a penalty, I have always told him that I have confidence in him. He has a great run, we have a good relationship in the substitution, we can always meet. He has a lot of energy and is still young. We must not forget this”.

City, the best team in the world: “If we play like last week, we have the potential to be one of the best. But Madrid can win because they are also one of the best. I have confidence in my team and I am convinced that we can get the best of ourselves tomorrow.”