The round of 16 clash of the Copa del Rey of the Real Madrid it will be against a classic like the Real Zaragoza. The white team will visit La Romareda in a one-game tie. Zidane He is not a rival who has special affection because he has fallen twice before the Cup, losing a final.

As soon as the pairing occurs Zidane the last precedent he has in a confrontation against the Saragossa in this competition: the 6-1 in favor of the Aragonese of the 2005-06 season, with four goals of Diego Milito for the coach set then by Victor Muñoz.

The second leg was a meeting where the “spirit of Juanito” was used to create an atmosphere in the Santiago Bernabeu comeback The match ended with a result of 4-0 insufficient to turn around the tie and the team swam the whole game to die on the shore.

Interestingly, the other precedent that the white coach keeps is a defeat against the ‘blanquillos’. It was the 2004 final played at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuïc. I also trained the Real Zaragoza Victor Muñoz before a set of Carlos Queiroz which was called ‘Galactic’. Somewhat of Luciano Galletti in the extension put an unexpected 3-2 and gave the sixth Copa del Rey from its history to Saragossa.

Therefore, as you have known Defending Central first hand, Zidane has released a ‘wow’ something negative (DC News: Zidane plans more rotations in Zaragoza than in Salamanca). The white coach has seen the draw with his assistants although it is true that the Real Madrid it has a much greater difference than what existed at the time but this Copa del Rey It is giving rise to many surprises.