DC News: Zidane’s ‘anger’ at Isco in recent weeks

The French coach, as he has already done with Kroos, Modric and Valverde has asked Isco that he throws more to the door, that he is not afraid to try the shots because he needs his goals. “If you add goals to your technical quality and assists, we will have a Isco unstoppable, ”he told Malaga in a talk in recent weeks, as he has known Central defense.

The Madrid coach always bets on “22” although some want to call this decision incomprehensible. Zidane it is clear from the first day that he became coach of Real Madrid of what he is capable of Isco. The Malaga has been blessed by a magic wand since childhood that has made him a wizard of the ball. Move the movement of the game at will, but also with a fearsome arrival at goal that makes it often seen capable of pulling face to goal. (Isco with one foot in the summer European Championship)

This is a player who has never had it easy to start in the first team, due to the high competition in the white squad. But in the end, the good guys always end up playing and the case of Isco It was not going to be an exception. The French coach is happy with him but he has already made it clear at a press conference that he cannot settle for just that “I'm very happy for his goal, but I insist he has to do more” he transmitted Zidane after the victory against him Osasuna.