DC news: the reason why Zidane is angry for the derby

The next league day will face the leader of the Santander League against the maximum rival of the capital, the Atlético de Madrid. There are always previous analyzes of the dynamics of both teams and this derby is one of the most unbalanced in recent years because there are two totally opposite dynamics: a Real Madrid laced and a Atlético de Madrid in total decline with the Cholo Simeone more questioned than ever. This has made Zidane pissed off because he thinks the Cholo team is being belittled.

The Atlético de Madrid face the encounter of Santiago Bernabeu after being eliminated in Copa del Rey against Leonese Cultural, team of Second B and not be able to pass the draw against the Leganés in his stadium The team of Cholo is going through a serious crisis highlighting the lack of goal of the rojiblanco team.

The Real Madrid is as a solo leader after beating Real Valladolid in the stadium Jose Zorrilla. The white team is showing a firm step in all competitions and the mid-week cupper meeting at the stadium La Romareda in front of Real Zaragoza evidence the desire to get that title. Zidane want to get the Cup King and he is demonstrating it with a very firm step and plagued lineups of habitual players (The last great news in Zaragoza thinking about the Saturday derby).

The French coach is upset as he has learned Defending Central, because a tonic is being established from the media and the Madrid environment that the Athletic It is a minor category rival. That does not like the white coaching staff at all because it thinks that it can fall into a relaxation that can take away the points and therefore the leadership.