DC News: Real Madrid rubs their hands with the City sanction

The UEFA has imposed exemplary punishment on Manchester City due to incorrect advertising revenues that do not correspond to club money. The English team has been financially punished and with two years of suspension from any European competition. The PSG It is the next team investigated and if the sanction finally occurs the Parisian team should let go to Kyllian Mbappé.

The Arbitration Court of Sport is the last hope the Manchester City to avoid the sanction imposed on him by UEFA. This hope is to follow the steps that the Paris Saint Germain and that allowed them to be acquitted even though the UEFA I also wanted to punish them. The ‘citizen’ situation does not give rise to hope because the European establishment has become more serious.

The PSG is being investigated again, well rather, it has never ceased to be investigated by the UEFA for suspecting the entry of money illegally to inflate their accounts and achieve signings at astronomical prices. This time, the French team was not spared for being innocent but for a mere formality.

A disciplinary sanction to the team of Al-thani could cause Mbappé finally arrive at Santiago Bernabeu. In addition his situation in the club is not the most indicated because he is angry with Tuchel and his idea to dispute the Eurocup and the Games Olympic This summer they have not liked anything to their technician who is increasingly tired of dealing with this type of behavior.

As you have known Central defense, the Real Madrid share the idea with the UEFA that it was not possible that the PSG could sign in the same season to Neymar Y Mbappé with a transfer with the right to purchase mandatory for 180 million euros (“Madrid rules out signing Mbappé,” the beginning of the strategy to sign it?).