David Martín: “We believed until the end, Spanish water polo deserved this”


The men's national water polo coach, David Martín, praised that his team believed “until the end” to end up winning gold in the European Championship by beating the host Croatia 10-11 this Tuesday and finally achieving a success that “deserved.” ” his sport after several attempts.

“We believed until the end, we had this conviction. It was a very difficult match, but the players mentally believed until the end and I am very proud because Croatia played a truly great game, but the reality is that we never let ourselves go to the end. match, we have not stopped wanting victory and in the end the team has achieved it,” Martín said in statements provided by the RFEN.

The coach confessed that the first European gold in men's water polo was something “very nice.” “We have entered history and I am very proud because I believe that Spanish water polo deserved this,” said the coach.

“It has been curious because the finals usually start a little more tense and on the other hand the first half has been a festival of goals, both from them and from us. They have always maintained a distance of two or even three goals, but what What I value a lot is this conviction that we could get there and the team has fought,” Martín remarked.

The Balkan team once again escaped scoring, but the Spanish team did not stop “believing” until the final comeback. “So I think this has a lot of value and I am very proud of this group of players. Now celebrate and rest,” warned the Catalan.

“Sport sometimes takes you away, sometimes it gives you. We have lost matches similar to this one and now we have won it, therefore, we must give it a lot of value. The important thing is that the team never stops fighting whatever the “He showed it and the game got a bit complicated in the last half, but everyone as a team has been fighting until the end and we have achieved it,” the coach continued.

Regarding achieving the Olympic ticket, David Martín recalled that his team's mentality is to “go and win all the tournaments”, but that it is not always possible “because there are very good teams.” “But the mentality is to go to win everything and the trajectory said that the Olympic place was going to fall here or in Doha (February World Cup). Obviously, now it takes a weight off our shoulders and now we will go to Doha with the same mentality of winning. world gold and enjoy it,” he commented.

“We have thought little, but it is true that now I remember a lot, not only of my mother who died on January 1 but also of my father who are the ones who instilled in us these values ​​of fighting until the end, of being generous. So Therefore, I personally dedicate this victory to my mother, it is clear,” stated the Spanish coach.