David López: “We are here to avoid making mistakes again”

The midfielder of Espanyol David López affirmed this Thursday after training in the RCDE Stadium that the team “is here not to make mistakes again and look forward” and pointed out that this season the block can “make history and enjoy a lot.”

The footballer pointed out that the attitude of the dressing room is very positive compared to last year. “The mentality has already changed. Before we consoled ourselves by saying that we had drawn or lost, but we had played well. Now this has completely changed and we only have in mind to win each game,” he reflected.

In this sense, the captain highlighted the influence of the coach, Vicente Moreno, in the team's demands. “We not only want to be the ones who fit the least, but also the ones who score the most goals, the ones who run the most and the ones who have the most possession. We look for all this to have the goal close,” he analyzed.

On a personal level, David López confessed how he lived last summer after the team certified his descent: “It was not easy for me. I spent all those months listening to a lot of nonsense and it was not pleasant. Anyway, I am very calm. In the end, the truth falls under its own weight. “

The footballer lowered his salary to continue in the entity and allow the club to face the signings. “Espanyol knew from the first moment that I wanted to stay and that I would lend a hand if necessary. On the last day of the market term, we made a decision to help,” he said.