David Azagra, in the footsteps of Begoña Gómez: this is the musician and investigative brother of Pedro Sánchez

A Pedro Sanchez dwarfs grow. After knowing that Begoña Gomez must testify before the judge on July 5 for an alleged crime of corruption in business and influence peddling, the President of the Government has received a new blow: the magistrate has opened investigation proceedings for his brother, Davidcoordinator of the ‘Young Opera’ program of the Badajoz Provincial Council.

The musician, who used the surname Azagra to go unnoticed, he will be investigated for alleged crimes against the Public Administration, the Public Treasury, embezzlement, prevarication and influence peddling, as reported by sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura to Europa Press. The order has already been notified to the parties and it has been agreed, among other measures, the transfer of the contract of Pedro Sánchez’s brother. His signing was announced at the beginning of April, after the Ministry of Culture increased by seven million euros the annual contribution received by the Madrid opera coliseum, an institution directed by Gregorio Marañón y Beltrán de Lis. David Azagra was also in charge of directing a music office financed with funds from the Badajoz Provincial Council, which is in the hands of the PSOE, a job that he does online from his house, in Portugal, where he pays taxes.

Azagra, who is single and has no children, graduated in Economics and Business from the elite University of Comillas (ICADE). After finishing her degree, she went to Russia to study music. And it didn’t go bad at all, because he left Chair of Musical Composition and Opera Conducting at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory with an honorary degree. His resume includes directing works such as Fidelio of Beethoven in Madrid, that of the prestigious Orchestra and Ballet of the Marrinsky Theater and that of the academy for young singers of the same theater, located in Saint Petersburg. In addition to David, Antonio Muñoz Molina and Mario Vargas Llosa appear on the Teatro Real advisory board. In 2023, the Executive contributed seven million more to the theater, which went from receiving just over 13 million to receiving 20 million since Pedro Sánchez governed.

It should be remembered that these investigation proceedings are opened after the presentation of a complaint by the organization Clean Hands, at the end of May. The investigation also extends to the president of the Badajoz Provincial Council, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, and the head of Human Resources.