Darwin Núñez, played for the 'debut' in Albacete

José María Gutiérrez has encountered a setback: Darwin Núñez is not at the top today for the meeting next Sunday (19:30) at Carlos Belmonte. The charrúa drags muscular discomfort in the calf, so today he has not exercised with the rest of the group. The muscular overload is not serious, but the physical load has taken its toll on the Uruguayan, so the Rojiblanco technical team has decided not to force. Even so, not playing until Sunday afternoon indicates that the star of Almería is from the game in La Mancha, Juan Muñoz being the alternative to occupy the position of nine pure. Artigas' is a fundamental piece in the Almería painting; not surprisingly, he is the top scorer in the UDA, with a dozen goals (24% of the total) of the highest scoring team in the championship.

Almería Shield / Flag

Rubén Enri, the pichichi of Almería B. has not been trained either. The preparatory session on Tuesday was barely an hour and a quarter, with the aim of managing the accumulated workload. Tomorrow, the rojiblancos will continue taking steps in their set-up and will do so with a morning training on the lawn of the Annex to the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games, specifically from 9:00 am. Fernando: “Perhaps the 'anti-soccer' will start better” One of the captains of Almería took stock before the resumption of the competition, considering that the return will come in handy for those who do not seek to propose. “We know that the type of football we are looking for and we like to do is having the ball and going out playing from behind, but after so long without competing, the so-called 'anti-football' may start better, which is the easiest thing to do”, says the Murcian, holder with Gutiérrez. “The preservation of the ball is achieved as the games go by and the easiest thing is to destroy, so it may cost more to those of us who try to generate soccer, but I think we are also prepared to compete and put our foot in. It will be very important in the first days “, ends.