Danish people flood the streets due to the abdication of Queen Margaret

The news of the abdication of the Queen Margaret In his traditional New Year's speech he came as a surprise to the Danish people. This Sunday, after 52 years of her accession, the monarch leaves the throne at 83 years old and will abdicate to her son, Frederick X. Hours before the proclamation, despite the low temperatures, the Danish people have flooded the streets near the royal residences since early in the morning.

As the images illustrate, the city of Copenhagen is full of flags, insignia in honor of the long reign of Queen Margaret, folding chairs for the long hours of waiting, and even cute royal costumes. The Danish royal house has also paid tribute to Queen Margaret with historical portraits of the monarch.

To avoid large crowds, the Danish police have asked citizens to attend Christiansborg Palace (where the monarch will sign the declaration of abdication around 2:00 p.m. and Frederick will be proclaimed the new king around 3:00 p.m.) with sufficient advance.

Unlike the Coronation of Charles III, the ceremony is expected to be marked by austerity and sobriety. Likewise, there will be no presence of the church, something that did happen in the case of the English monarch, who was crowned before the Archbishop of Canterbury. Denmark has arranged for three women to take center stage in this succession: the outgoing queen emeritus, the queen Mary consort and prime minister, Mette Frederiksenwho will be in charge of proclaiming the heir king.