Daniel Sancho’s unprecedented excuse to explain the wounds on his arms after committing the crime: “It was from cutting coconuts”

The case of Daniel Sancho monopolizes the spotlight. On August 7, Rodolfo Sancho’s son entered the Thai prison of Koh Samui for murdering and dismembering the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. Now, six weeks after the news broke, the message that Daniel Sancho sent to a woman hours after committing the crime comes to light. As revealed from And now Sonsoles.

The woman, anonymously, offers her testimony to the space led by Sonsoles Onega. Likewise, he clarifies that she was never aware of the murder and assures that when she saw the wounds that the Spanish chef had on her arms, he lied to her and told her that “it was from cutting coconuts.” It was the excuse that she found for Daniel to explain how he had gotten hurt.

“He told me that he had not slept that night because he was sending emails and in the morning he took the kayak to see the sunrise. He said he wanted to stop at the police station to report that his friend had disappeared,” says the source, who prefers not to reveal his identity.

When the media echoes what happened, the woman contacts Rodolfo Sancho’s son via social networks. “I’m fine, I’m alive, but my life is over,” answers Daniel, who was already aware of the change in life that awaited him in the Thai prison.

Silvia Bronchalo returns to Thailand

Rodolfo Sancho is already in Spain since this Saturday, September 9. Two days later, Daniel Sancho’s mother, Silvia Bronchalo, returns to Thailand to visit his son. Although she has not testified before the media, the cameras have captured Silvia with a very serious face and quite shocked.