Daniel Sancho’s Thai lawyer speaks: “He knows what he did, he wants to plan his life in prison”

This Tuesday, August 8, the reactions to the provisional detention of daniel sanchoconfessed author of the murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta 44 years old in Thailand.

Rodrigo Sancho, his uncle, has spoken about it and, from the Asian country, his lawyer has spoken, Khun Anan. “I think he is relaxed. He knows what he did, I have explained the process to him (…) he wants to plan how to live in here,” said the lawyer at the gates of the Koh Samui prison.

The 29-year-old chef, son of Rodolfo Sancho and grandson of the disappeared Sancho Gracia, entered prison this Monday after confessing to the murder this weekend. “I am guilty, but I was his hostage. He held me hostage. It was a glass cage, but it was a cage. He made me destroy my relationship with my girlfriend, he forced me to do things that I would never have done,” Daniel himself declared. to Efe.

The crime occurred on Wednesday, August 2, at a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan. Sancho is accused of murder and of dismembering the victim’s body into pieces to hide his remains.

His father and mother, Silvia Bronchalo, took a flight to Thailand as soon as they heard the news of the crime. Daniel is in isolation due to the anti-Covid-19 protocol. During the first ten days after his entry into prison, he will only be able to receive a visit from his lawyer, an international criminal expert hired by his family.

After this time, he could receive a visit in jail from his parents. About Rodolfo, Rodrigo Sancho, his brother and uncle of the confessed perpetrator of the crime, said this Tuesday: “Let’s see, I talk to my brother and what happens is that there are some things that he does not tell us to protect us from some details. About everything, to my mother that we have to take care of her now (…) I can’t tell you if my brother is there either. It’s just that there are things that I can’t tell you”.