Daniel Sancho’s mother speaks for the first time at the gates of the Koh Samui prison: “My son is calm”

“It’s being very difficult. Thank you, Daniel it’s much better. They are treating you very well”, were the first words of Silvia Bronchalo this Friday, upon his release from the second visit to his son in the Koh Samui prison, where he has been in provisional prison since last August 7 for the crime against Edwin Arrieta.

Furthermore, the one who was a woman of Rodolfo Sancho He has thanked the press for respecting this situation. “I am not from the media, I am not from the media, I have no interest in appearing on television and I thank you very much for the respect and empathy that you are showing,” she said.

While he got back into the vehicle that takes him from the hotel to the jail, Silvia answered some questions about how she has seen the grandson of Sancho Grace: “It’s been ten days, he’s much better as far as it goes. Daniel has been very excited, as have I.”

“No one expects such a thing, no one is prepared to receive such news, no one is prepared for you. Daniel is calm and I just hope that everything is resolved,” he added. It should be remembered that this Thursday, after seeing her son for the first time, the person from the Spanish embassy who is accompanying Silvia at all times said that Bronchalo “he does not believe that his son committed the murder”.

This was the first mother and son meeting in Thailand

As we said, this Thursday, after finishing his period of isolation by Covid protocol in the Koh Samui prison, Daniel was reunited with his mother.

As it has come out, the visit took place through glass, so they have been able to see each other and talk through a phone, but not touch each other. A visit that has lasted about an hour and a half, for being the first, although from now on it will be 20 minutes. After that time, Silvia left the prison without making a statement. Unlike this Friday.