Daniel Sancho’s mother meets with the police of Koh Phangan, the scene of the bloody crime of Edwin Arrieta

The absence of Silvia Bronchalo this Thursday in the Koh Samui prison to visit his son has generated all kinds of speculation. At first, it was believed that the former actress had taken a flight back to Spain after more than 15 days in Thailand.

However, On everyone’s lips has discovered his true whereabouts, which for the moment is not in our country. The mother of daniel sancho is located on Koh Phangan, the island where his son, according to his own testimony, murdered and dismembered Edwin Arrieta last August 2.

Bronchalo traveled to the island, which is located just 15 kilometers from Koh Samui, where the chef is in provisional prison, by ferry and the first thing he did upon arriving in Koh Phangan was to visit the police station where his son reported the disappearance of the Colombian doctor and where he spent his first days in custody.

According to the program, this meeting was “planned.” “He has had a meeting with the highest officials of the Koh Phangan police, with the agents who are taking charge of the investigation of his son,” they have revealed on the Cuatro program.

Witnesses of the visit reveal that for Silvia “these are very hard times and that she is quite sad, but that they are not only difficult times for her but also for her son Daniel.”