Daniel Sancho's lawyer accuses the Thai Police of manipulation: “He never confessed that he had killed Edwin Arrieta”

Daniel Sancho's defense team in Spain (made up of Carmen Balfagón, Marcos García Montes, Marcos García Ortega and Ramón Chippirrás Moreno) held the first official press conference this Thursday to denounce the “irregularities” of the Thai Police during the investigation. During the press conference, García Montes assured that there was no fight between Daniel Sancho and the Colombian surgeon and that the Spaniard defended himself from an alleged attack.

“They leaked that there was a fight, which was not. It was an attack and it is documented with evidence and images. They are defensive injuries,” García Montes said.

Lawyer Carmen Balfagón has indicated that the actions of the Thai police have been full of irregularities, since, in her words, they have deceived Daniel Sancho in the first moments of his arrest. The spokesperson has assured that the Thai Police officers deceived the Spanish chef, they already promised him that they would deport him after confessing to the murder. For this reason, and according to her statements, his client signed the papers that the agents provided her.

“The Thai Police did not have legal or judicial correspondence to make a deportation order. It has been said that Daniel Sancho had confessed. He had confessed all the extremes of what the Police wanted him to confess, but that was not what he confessed What's more, Daniel did not buy anything to kill Mr. Arrieta, there was a fight. Daniel Sancho said that from minute one,” he said. Likewise, during the intervention, the lawyer stressed that these statements only involve the Thai Police and at no time the country's penal system.

For his part, Marcos García Montes recalled that he took on the case on August 15 and that he has been silent until he received all the documentation. “With respect to human rights, the judge receives Daniel's communication requesting a court-appointed lawyer and that he has the right to be given the prosecutor's accusation in Spanish. His language is Spanish. We can dispute why he spoke in English with a translator, but he speaks English at home. If a person faces a process, they have the right to be communicated with in their language.