Daniel Sancho’s grandmother confirms that she will travel to Thailand to see him: “I believe in justice and the truth of my grandson”

After remaining in the background for all this time, Noela Aguirrewidow of Sancho Grace, has broken his silence. Friendly and smiling, he explained how he feels six weeks after his grandson, Daniel Sancho, entered the Koh Samui prison after pleading guilty to the murder of Edwin Arrieta: “I’m quite well, I’m very sad because I don’t see my grandson , who lives with me, and waiting for him to come back. Nothing more”.

Rodolfo Sancho’s mother has revealed that she has not yet been able to speak with him by phone: “No, I haven’t spoken to him and I hope to at some point.” Furthermore, he has assured that he intends to travel to Thailand to visit him: “Yes, as soon as I can.”

Furthermore, Noela has been firm in the face of the complicated situation that the family faces: “I trust in justice, I trust in the truth of my grandson and I trust in the gods, in Jesus and in Buddha”. In fact, she has stated bluntly: “I hope he comes back soon. Daniel will continue living with me until he gets married and stuff”.

Finally, he has defended his son Rodolfo, criticized for his attitude in front of the press upon his arrival at the Madrid airport last Sunday: “Well, it is that you also arrive when the poor thing arrives from a trip, to see your son there…”.