Daniel Sancho’s future prison is revealed: “Not Bangkok, he will serve his sentence in Surat Thani prison”

Vicente Cacho, the diplomat who acts as liaison with the Spanish Embassy from Thailand and who accompanies daniel sancho and his family in this torturous moment has attended the media this Friday at the gates of the Koh Samui prison. Among many other things, he has revealed one of the great unknowns of the future prison of the Spanish chef: “At the moment he is staying here and if he is transferred it will be to Surat Thani.”

Information that they had kept secret until now and that is a relief for his family, since the other option that was being considered was the Bangkok prison, one of the toughest prisons in the world. The conditions of its inmates (violence, torture, hunger…) have been denounced by humanitarian organizations and it is here that those sentenced to death in Thailand serve their punishment. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for the death sentence for Daniel but both the defense and the diplomat hope that he can be commuted to a life sentence. In that case, Sancho would remain in Koh Samui until the trial and with the sentence in hand he would be transferred to Surat Thani.

this prison It is located in the south of the island and is occupied by about 2,500 prisonersall of them with charges for crimes of arms and drug trafficking. The regime continues to be harsh, so much so that inmates can only hug their relatives once a year and during a ‘vis a vis’ that lasts two hours maximum. The rest of the time, they will receive visits once a week or a month, depending on the regime, and they will communicate through glass and by means of a telephone, as Daniel Sancho and his mother are doing now in Koh Samui.

The latest news that reached the international press about the Surat Thani prison pointed to police raids for possession of drugs and other prohibited materials inside the center.