Daniel Sancho’s friends affirm that “they have forced him to incriminate himself” for Edwin’s murder and talk about illegal businesses

The Thai police have closed the case of the crime of Edwin Arrieta after the confession of Daniel Sancho. This Tuesday they will offer a press conference with the media to formalize the charges against the grandson of Sancho Gracia. In Spain, however, both his intimate environment and his legal defense doubt the evidence presented and the true authorship of the confessed murderer: “They forced him to incriminate himself.”

This is how blunt Sancho’s friends are, the same ones who assure that Daniel had changed his character in recent months, that he was stressed and that he did not seem like him. “He brought something big with the surgeon,” said one of them. They have revealed to Miguel Frigenti that the true relationship between Edwin and Rodolfo Sancho’s son was based on “business outside the law” and they are convinced that “Edwin died for that reason and Daniel was forced to incriminate himself.”

It must be remembered that Sancho himself told the police that he considered himself “the hostage” of Arrieta and that he killed him “to defend my life and that of the people I love.” The same police leaked to the Thai media that they had found death threats from Edwin on Sancho’s mobile phone, not only against him but also against his family. This weekend, the legal representatives of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo, Daniel’s parents, have assured that neither of them will travel to Thailand for the moment “for a matter of security”, and Xenia Tostado herself, Rodolfo’s current partner , stated in his official statement: “We do not know if we are sure.”

Spanish experts and crimonologists have emphasized the contradictions they find in the account of the events by the Thai police and in Daniel’s own statement: “He assured that he dismembered the body in three hours and we know that this is impossible. A man You just can’t do that.” They also ensure that the weapons that Bronchalo supposedly bought one day before the events (two knives) do not match the wounds on the remains of Edwin Arrieta, nor do they understand that he turned himself in without reservations at the police station or that he perpetrated the crime. , if it was premeditated, in a country whose legislation punishes with the death penalty, when two weeks before he had been with the Colombian in Formentera.