Daniel Sancho’s ex-girlfriend goes out to party in Madrid: Laura was seeing Vetusta Morla this Friday

Laura, the one who was girlfriend Daniel Sancho She is not detained in Navacerrada, as has been published. The young woman, 28 years old, tries to lead a normal life, like any person her age, although, yes, she tries by all means to stay away from the media spotlight.

Throughout her life she has spent time in Navacerrada (she is a good skier). But it is the same in the mountains of Madrid as in the capital, where she lives with her mother. in the Paseo de la Habana area, very close to one of the family business’s dealerships. But he goes out and makes plans. We already announced days ago that she works in the luxury car sales sector and other issues related to her, as well as clarifying certain inaccuracies that were being spread, such as Laura’s supposed friendship with Froián.

The proof that Laura is not confined or hidden is that this Friday we found her in the capital, in the University City, at a massive event, along with a group of friends. Daniel Sancho’s ex attended the music festival The Garden of Delights, where he thoroughly enjoyed the performances of Old Morla o Damn me, among other groups. Laura stayed until early morning.

Laura had a great time, according to the attitude she maintained, talking to the people who accompanied her, smiling, dancing to the songs, with her drink (paper cup), in white, with a long gold chain, and a bomber jacket. also white, very fashionable, and some light blue jeans. Of course, almost all the time, even when it became night, she kept her sunglasses on, which she only kept on rare occasions in the red bag she carried.

Secluded but in concert?

Some media outlets even claimed that Laura’s family had taken her out of Spain and then it was commented that she was being held in the family’s house in Navacerrada, where she was supposed to be held and teleworking.

Of course, as is logical, Laura was shocked when on August 5 she found out from the press that her ex had been accused of the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon. Edwin Arrieta She, who had broken up with the son of actor Rodolfo Sancho before the event that still makes headlines, knew that Daniel had gone to Thailand, but to perfect his level of Muay Thai, since grandson Sancho Gracia has been practicing that sport for a long time. , also known as Thai boxing, as we announced on August 5 on this portal.

Very affected, she sought support from her family and her closest friends. She even received professional help, although we have not been able to confirm if she still visits her psychologist. Daniel and Laura were no longer dating, but the love remained. It is also not true that they were going to get married, as has been said. If they ever talked about a wedding or moving in together, it was long before the murder of the Colombian doctor occurred, which has forever changed the life of her former boyfriend.

At Informalia we already provided information about Laura weeks ago, her age, her connection with luxury cars, and other details that we did not expand on to preserve her identity.

Laura, from what we are told from her surroundings, is trying to rebuild her life, but it is not easy since that August 5th she discovered that her ex had been arrested, accused of the murder of Edwin Arrieta. Later, she read and heard that she had had sexual relations with the Colombian and the other details that all of Spain has come to know.

Like many friends of Daniel Sancho, Laura closed her profiles on social networks and the last thing she wants is for her identity and image to come to light, but she is also not comfortable with certain information that does not correspond to reality, as if it were to get married, that she would like to travel to Thailand to see Daniel or that her family has locked her in the chalet in the mountains.

It is true that Daniel contacted her from prison, but he also did so before being arrested. He just wanted to apologize and advise her to move on with her life. Another thing is that she answered her calls and her messages.