Daniel Sancho’s confessions after the first sessions of the trial: “I am very nervous, this is not justice”

This Tuesday the trial against Daniel Sancho for the murder of Edwin Arrieta. After a few holidays in Thailand, the Koh Samui court opens its doors again to receive new witnesses and continue with the procedure in which the Prosecutor’s Office requests for the son of Rodolfo Sancho the maximum penalty. The first three sessions were marked by three anecdotes: the chains that the accused wore on his feet and hands, his ability to question witnesses and the silence decreed by the judge, who did not allow those present to report on what was happening behind closed doors. inside. One of them, however, broke the rule this Tuesday and revealed unpublished details.

This is Bea de Vicente, the only independent criminal lawyer accredited in the trial. The expert was able to have a brief conversation with Daniel during one of the breaks and revealed the Spaniard’s impressions: “I’m very nervous, this is not justice”, Told him. The chef complains that the procedure is carried out in Thai and the work of the translators present in the room is not enough to be able to follow what is happening in detail: “There’s no way, how helpless. This girl doesn’t translate, we’re listening to ‘Thai’ for twenty minutes and she says three words”, she laments, an assessment that the criminal lawyer shares: “The translation is horrible.” Daniel is worried about this point and, in fact, asked the judge to change his official translator to his trusted one.

“He is an affable boy, he is a lost boy and I see him abandoned and alone to his fate. We must recognize that there is something of destiny in his future”, said of Vicente, who has also expressed his surprise at the work of the Thai lawyer who defends Daniel: “He is asleep during the trial.” Rodolfo’s son commented to her: “Literally asleep, he is a great lawyer,” Daniel told her. “I defend myself.”

According to the expert, Daniel, who has been in preventive detention for eight months, has not yet touched land: “I think he is out of his skin and is not aware of what he is facing.”, he said in La Sexta. He also reveals that he wanted to give him some advice before they called him into the room and interrupted his talk: “If the death penalty comes, reach an agreement, because here they are not going to kill a foreigner,” he told him. Rodolfo Sancho’s son nodded “with absolute integrity, like a man who accepts his destiny.”

New witnesses

The trial resumes this Tuesday. According to the victim’s Thai lawyer, the next sessions will be much tougher, as the witnesses increase in importance and involvement in the case: “The witnesses in the coming weeks will be increasingly intense, they declare from least to greatest importance.”

Metapon Suwancharern He has also assured that “experts from other countries are of no use here”, in reference to the reports and statements of Spanish experts that Sancho’s defense wants to present, and advises the accused to “hire another lawyer” if he is not satisfied with his. , as it seems to be judging by the interrogations that he himself carries out.