Daniel Sancho will remain isolated in the Koh Samui prison until the trial: “He has left the medication”

The son of Rodolfo Sancho He is serving 10 days in prison this Wednesday, which he had to remain in the isolation cell due to the covid protocol. According to the regulations, he should go to the general compound and share his day to day with the rest of the prisoners in a few hours, but the director of the Koh Samui prison has revealed that they will make an exception in his case: “He will remain in solitary confinement until the trial begins.”

Great news for the prisoner and his family, whose defense has fought from Spain to prevent his transfer to Bangkok prison, one of the toughest in the world. Watcharapong Boonsaior has assured the international media that Daniel Sancho will remain in Koh Samui “because it is easier to transfer it from here to the Cortes”, categorically denying that he receives special treatment: “He is the same as the rest.” In fact, the prison director has announced that starting tomorrow, Daniel Sancho will start his new prison routines, exactly the same ones that mark the lives of hundreds of common prisoners.

Isolated in the hospital area, Daniel shares a cell with five other prisoners (all of them under surveillance for the possibility of self-harm or assault by others). According to Boonsaior, he practices yoga, reads books and watches movies: “He doesn’t know the repercussions of his case because we control the television. He only watches movies.” He also assures that his state of mind has improved: “He is not stressed, in fact he has stopped taking the medication. He is excited about the visit of his family and the Spanish embassy.”

It should be noted that Boonsaior’s statements contradict the latest information coming from Sancho’s entourage and which claimed that his condition had worsened in recent days: “He is very stressed and very distressed.”