Daniel Sancho will plead “Not Guilty” to the charges of ‘premeditated murder’ and ‘concealment of a corpse’ in Thailand

Breaking news in the case of Daniel Sancho in Thailand. This Thursday, the son of Rodolfo Sancho He will be transferred to the Samui Court, where the Prosecutor’s Office will read the charges against him: premeditated murder and concealment of a corpse. We learned the answer that the accused will give to the authorities in a few hours this Wednesday: innocent.

Sancho Gracia’s grandson will not accept the charges, according to TardeAR, something that a priori may have its logic but that represents an important turn in Daniel’s case, since admitting their guilt would free him from the death penalty, the capital punishment with which crimes committed by criminals are punished in Thailand. who accuse him. It had not been ruled out, until now, that Daniel could admit the charges and thus secure a life sentence, as recommended by the police who investigated the case and accompanied him during the interrogation and reconstruction of the events.

We must remember that Daniel continues without a lawyer in Thailand. His father, Rodolfo, hired the lawyer months ago Marcos García-Montes and also to the specialized office Balfagon-Chippirrás, who work on the defense, but none of them can act as the accused’s official lawyer in the judicial procedure, since Thailand requires that they be a lawyer from their country. It was done by Khun Anan, the lawyer who was initially appointed to Daniel, until he withdrew from the case due to differences with the Spanish. For the moment, Rodolfo, appointed by Daniel to represent him legally, continues looking for one and has, to do so, the support of a Thai legal advisor.

As things stand, Daniel will be transferred to Court and will hear the Prosecutor’s charges without the support of a lawyer, something that is not allowed in Spain. It is unknown if his father, who landed in Thailand this Tuesday and this morning met with his son in Koh Samui prison, will be able to accompany him and be present.