Daniel Sancho will be placed in ordinary detention on August 17: the key dates until the day of the trial

daniel sancho (29), accused of premeditated murder after confessing to having killed and dismembered the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta (44) in Thailand, spent his fourth night in Koh Samui prison on Thursday under provisional detention. The prison director Watcharapong Boonsaiorhas told this Friday the news about his case.

Specifically, he told AFP: “He will be placed in (ordinary) detention on August 17 and will remain there until the court has decided the case.” On what his day-to-day behind bars is like, he added: “Daniel is in good spirits (…) He practices yoga in his room.”

There is still no date for the trial but Thai law establishes a maximum period of 84 days from the start of the ordinary detention regime until the start of the trial. So the trial would have to be held at the beginning of November at the latest.

The prison director also gave details about Sancho this Wednesday, two days after he entered provisional prison. He revealed that Sancho Gracia’s grandson requested medication for stress and also to be able to make a video call with his family. Besides, he would have ordered better quality food.

Rodolfo Sancho, who would have traveled to Thailand with his son’s mother, Silvia Bronchalo, already sent a statement on Sunday, August 6, asking for “maximum respect for his son and for the whole family.”

This Thursday, the family spoke again with another note sent to the media: “We are very sorry for Edwin’s death and we accompany his family in our feelings (…) We appreciate the interest of the press, but we cannot make statements in this moment so as not to interfere in the investigation and to respect the very painful moment that both families are living in this terrible situation that we have had to live”. This Friday, Rodolfo himself has answered his colleagues Public mirror: “I am firm and calm, thank you for your understanding”.

Sancho is accused of premeditated murder and of dismembering the victim’s body into pieces to hide his remains. The chef confessed to being the author of the murder of Arrieta, which occurred last week in a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan.