Daniel Sancho speaks from prison three weeks before his trial: “I am convinced that they are going to acquit me”

In provisional prison since last August for the alleged murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, Daniel Sancho has broken his silence from prison in Thailand. She has done so less than three weeks before the trial begins in Samui Court. A trial in which he faces the death penalty or life imprisonment and which begins on April 9.

“I feel like facing it, to finally be heard and to be able to clarify the distortions, the misunderstandings and all the lies that have been told”the son of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo has declared to Efe. “My goal in the trial is to prove that it was self-defense. I’m going to show what really happened”the chef also says.

Thus, he maintains that the murder was not premeditated: “It was a fight that I did not start and that had a fatal outcome that I would never have wanted”. In this sense, he adds: “I think justice will be done when I am finally heard”. And he reiterates his objective: “I am convinced that they are going to acquit me because it will be proven that it was self-defense”.

In addition to the charge of premeditated murder, to which he has pleaded not guilty, Sancho Gracia’s grandson, 29, is accused of concealing the body after dismemberment, a crime to which he has admitted and which could lead to up to a year in prison. jail. The statements collected now were given to the aforementioned agency between March 13 and 14.

The trial, as we said, starts on April 9 and, predictably, will last until May 3. More than 50 witnesses will testify. Throughout these months, the discrepancies between their parents have become public. Bronchalo denounced the protagonist of The Ministry of Time, married to Xenia Tostado, for an alleged crime of gender violence. He claimed to have received insults and humiliation via WhatsApp: “You are doing a disservice to the victims of gender violence,” declared the actor upon leaving the Alcobendas courts. The defense of Daniel Sancho, in Spain, is headed by the Chippirrás-Balfagón firm and the media lawyer Marcos García-Montes.