Daniel Sancho risks entering the worst prison in Bangkok: the Government negotiates his fearsome fate with Thailand

The trial against Daniel Sancho for murdering and dismembering Edwin Arrieta Last summer started on April 9 and is expected to last in the Koh Samui court until May 3. While waiting to hear the sentence, different scenarios are being considered regarding the future of the chef, and one of them is his possible entry into the most feared prison in Bangkok. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is already collaborating with the defendant’s family to avoid this outcome.

After the litigation, the son of Rodolfo Sancho y Silvia Bronchalo can be sentenced to capital punishment or life imprisonment, which inevitably should be the passport to be transferred to the dangerous prison of Bangkok Bang Kwang, denominated El Hilton. Fights and suicides are common there, something that deeply worries the cook’s relatives, who have the support of senior ministerial officials and members of the Spanish embassy, ​​according to reports. The reason.

It is not the first time that Foreign Affairs has done this type of negotiations for a Spanish prisoner, since he has already benefited from this Carlos Alcaniz, who is serving his sentence in Koh Samui, the same prison where Daniel Sancho has lived since he was arrested last August. This place has some privileges that The Hilton does not have, including that speaking in English is allowed and that a sleeping mat is provided.

For this reason, the ministry led by Jose Manuel Albares has already set to work to prevent the transfer of the accused to this dangerous prison, where its terrible conditions, added to overcrowding, make the prison nicknamed The Hilton the worst possible destination. To this, however, all those sentenced to life imprisonment or capital punishment usually go, something likely in the case of the Spanish.