Daniel Sancho, “nervous” and without assimilating his situation: his three requests in Thai jail

daniel sancho, 29, spent his second night in Koh Samui Thai prison on Tuesday under remand. This weekend, the son of Rodolfo Sancho confessed to the authorities that he was the author of the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta 44 years old.

The director of the penitentiary center has slipped to different Spanish media such as RTVE that he has spoken personally with the detainee and that he is well. At the same time, he has revealed what his three requests have been.

According to the director, Sancho Gracia’s grandson would have requested medication for stress, being able to make a video call with the family and also higher quality food than the one they would be providing.

This Wednesday, the director has also spoken for Telecinco and has said that he has seen Daniel “nervous”. “He has to assimilate his new situation”, he added. In addition, he has revealed that he shares a cell “with five people” and that he does not have a bed, since what prisoners can have to sleep on are “mats.”

Sancho is “cared for” by a nurse from the center and has asked them for a type of vitamin to get him through his first days in jail. In addition, the prison director has revealed that when he entered “they cut his hair.” Daniel boasted of long blonde hair.

The crime occurred on Wednesday, August 2, at a hotel on the island of Koh Phangan. Sancho is accused of murder and of dismembering the victim’s body into pieces to hide his remains. His father and his mother, Silvia Bronchalo, are already in Thailand but until after ten days of his admission (he entered jail under provisional detention this Monday) they will not be able to visit him due to anti-Covid protocol.