Daniel Sancho “could have a shorter sentence”, according to his lawyers: 15 or 20 years in prison?

At 30 years old, the future of Daniel Sancho He balances between the worst option (capital punishment), spending the rest of his life in a prison thousands of kilometers from Spain or serving a few years in Thailand and serving the rest of the sentence in his country. The experts do not aspire to a free acquittal in any case taking into account the legal challenges faced by the grandson of Sancho Gracia, accused of murdering and dismembering the Colombian police officer Edwin Arrieta

Within the seriousness of the situation faced by the actor’s only son Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Broncano, this week we learned good news: she has managed to resolve one of her pending cases in Madrid. After the hearing by teleconference from Thailand that took place this Wednesday, an agreement was reached, so the case of the attack that occurred in 2019 has been closed, when Sancho hit a man while waiting for a taxi outside a nightclub on the street. José Abascal.

The Sancho family’s lawyers, Marcos García Montes and Luis Gerez Fernández, expressed their satisfaction with the agreement reached. “We have reached an agreement with both the Prosecutor’s Office and the private prosecution. The result is that he has been sentenced to a fine of three months at five euros a day. The civil liability has been paid, it was 2,100 euros,” Gerez explained.

Regarding his situation in Thailand, where he is detained awaiting sentencing for the death and dismemberment of Colombian plastic surgeon Edwin Arrieta, Gerez commented that the situation “is not as serious as it seems.” “Although it is expected that he will be acquitted, there is a possibility that he will have a much shorter sentence than was thought,” the lawyer said.

Marcos García Montes highlighted that Daniel Sancho remains “very calm” while awaiting the reading of the sentence on August 29. According to Montes, he could be facing a “serious reckless homicide of eight years” or a “less serious reckless homicide of six years.” However, the Thai Prosecutor’s Office requests the death penalty, accusing Sancho of murder. However, the journalist Manuel Marlasca, specialized in events, predicted in an interview given last week to Informalia that Sancho would be “15 or 20 years in prison.”