Daniel Jeremiah’s list of the top 10 NFL draft picks from the week of practice for the 2024 Senior Bowl

Daniel Jeremiah’s list of the top 10 NFL draft picks from the week of practice for the 2024 Senior Bowl

Now that the practices are over, the only thing left is to attend the 2024 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. A lot of people won’t care as much about the game, though.

Many of the best prospects for the 2024 NFL draft class worked directly with NFL coaches on the practice field. They also had the chance to match these prospects up against additional top prospects.

Practice is a great time for some positions, like running backward for safety, to show off their skills and strength. Other positions also had a chance to shine.

Powers-Johnson hurt his hamstring and couldn’t practice on Thursday, but his first two days back were so good that it didn’t matter.

The center, who weighed 334 pounds, was stronger than any defense lineman he played against. He was also patient and had good technique.

The only bad news regarding the Jaguars is that the talented Powers-Johnson is becoming less likely to be picked in the latter part of the second round.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said that Robinson is the player who has scouts, coaches, and executives within Mobile, Alabama most excited. This was said near the end of the practice for the week.

He is 6 feet 5 inches tall and 286 pounds. His wingspan is 84.5 inches, and he has shown all week that he knows how to use it. Robinson was strong and quick at the same time, which made him a nightmare for the other team’s linemen during practices.

This year’s Senior Bowl team might have the best group of athletes I’ve seen since I began covering the game in Mobile, Alabama, in 2018.

Going to three days of practice and my favorite part is seeing the one-on-one drills between the offensive along defensive lines and the receivers who are wide receivers and cornerbacks. At all of those spots this year, there are great players.

Some possible first-round picks are Taliese Fuaga, Tyler Guyton, Kingsley Suamataia, Jordan Morgan, and Troy Fautanu (who could move to guard). All of them play offensive tackle.

Laiatu Latu, Chris Braswell, Byron Murphy II, and T’Vondre Sweat are all defensive linemen and edge rushers who were picked on Day 1 and Day 2.

They will have to block them. Latu, who was picked as the best player from these rosters, will compete against other offensive tackles.

It will also be interesting to see dynamic broad receivers like Xavier Legette, Devontez Walker, Ladd McConkey, Malachi Corley, and Roman Wilson play against cornerbacks Quinton Mitchell, Kalen King, Johnny Dixon, Ennis Rakestraw, and Max Melton, who is from Rutgers.

The week is all about who can separate from those who can cover with a pressman. The last two times these players get to play real football before being drafted in April (Shrine Bowl and Senior Bowl) will be used to evaluate them. This week should be fun and educational.

It’s not a criticism of the best college football team ever, but it is a good reminder that players are welcome from anywhere and at any school. That’s why these games with all the stars are so important.

A lot of NFL scouts as well as personnel executives see players in smaller programs and even big schools that don’t have the right equipment. This happens during practices and, more importantly, interviews.

As of this week, the NFL Draft has officially begun as coaches gather in Alabama for the Senior Bowl. Every practice ahead of the all-star game was a little like a combine.

After Tuesday, there is beginning to be an order at some of the positions. For NFL.com, scout Lance Zierlein, who works in Houston, named five players who stood out the most.

Zeirlien was most impressed by receivers, edge rushers, and a defensive tackle at the Senior Bowl. Don’t forget that 100 players are competing in Mobile, Alabama, to get a higher draft grade.

Before the NFL draft, most of the attention will be on the possible franchise quarterbacks along with other first-round picks. However, some teams may have a harder time finding players in later rounds.

Now, players who didn’t get picked as high in the draft can still come back and collect name, image, and likeness cash for another season.

This is pretty much a guaranteed paycheck, and players can sometimes use their extra COVID year to do this.

One big reason for the low number of underclassmen who signed up for the draft—only 58—is that 56 did the same thing in 2011.

It was clear to Jim Nagy as he put together the Senior Bowl team. There is a lot of talent that the top, especially now that three-year juniors can play in all-star games like the Senior Bowl on Saturday for the first time. But there aren’t as many good options further down the line.