Dani Rodríguez and Iker Bravo lead the premiere with victory for Spain

The Spanish under-17 team achieved a comfortable victory on Tuesday in its debut in the European category, which is being played in Israel, by beating Turkey (0-2) with goals from Dani Rodríguez (m.40) and Iker Bravo (m.53), that place the team led by Julen Guerrero as leader of Group C.

It only took six minutes Dani Rodriguez and Iker Bravo in showing that they were going to be two differentiating factors to give Spain the three points in the tournament. The first, electric from the left wing, and the second, who at 17 years old has already made his debut in the elite both in the Bundesliga and in the German Cup with Bayer Leverkusen, playing as a reference.

Both met easily, but their attempts were well stopped by a rocky Turkish defense that was always on top to cover their shots and runs and leave Julen Guerrero’s men with honey on their lips. Until the 40th minute.

Just in the minutes in which Turkey grew in the game with a little more possession, the high pressure of Spain generated results. Midfielder Miguel Carvalho stole a ball in the Turkish exit and Iker Bravo showed that he is not just a striker; he leaked a pass between central defenders to a Dani Rodríguez who, after a focused control, defined the squad strongly to give goalkeeper Mert Bayram no chance and make it 0-1.

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A goal in a key minute to give confidence and calm before the break to a Spanish under-17 team that used strategy to double the advantage eight minutes into the second half.

Julen Guerrero raised the corner kicks with an initial short pass to create imbalances in Turkey’s powerful defense from set pieces. And, on the fourth try, the prize came. Daniel Pérez, Betis youth midfielder, put a ball to Iker Bravo, who, at the edge of the area and without opposition, hit first to make it 0-2 with a shot with intention so that it bounced off the grass and won more velocity.

An advantage that allowed the Spanish coach to think in the long term about the debut of a U-17 European Championship in which they face, in the group stage, three games in one week. The coach included new legs and the pace of the match slowed down, but without Julen’s men suffering.

With Dani Rodríguez and Iker Bravo monopolizing the spotlight for their goals, the other great news for Spain was the high level shown by their two central defenders, Javier Boñar and Yarek Gasiorowski. Quick in covering the wings, cuts and, above all, in anticipating the Turkish attackers from behind, with only one shot in 90 minutes, and soft, on goal. A performance of merit against a team that qualified for the European Championship of the category with 11 goals scored in the three games of the Elite Round.

The differential quality in attack and defensive solidity, keys to the first victory that placed Spain in the lead of Group C with two points ahead of Belgium and Serbia, who tied at one in their match.

– Datasheet:

0 – Turquia: Feast; Bulbul, Kayali, Yesilyurt, Yilmaz; Dağdeviren, Ersungur (Gezek, m.69), Acar (Akman, m.54), Özdemir (Yavuz, m.69); Sönmez (Kara, m.85) y Uzun (Yildirim, m.69).

2 – Spain: Ninth; Sogorb, Boñar, Gasiorowksi, ‘Yusi’ Enriquez; Gerard Hernández (‘Simo’ Keddari, m.80), Carvalho (Antonio Moreno, m.46), Dani Pérez (Rodrigo Mendoza, m.73); Fortuny (Víctor Moreno, m.66), Iker Bravo and Dani Rodríguez (David Mella, m.66).

Goals: 0-1, m.40: Dani Rodríguez. 0-2, m.53: Iker Bravo.

Referee: Bel Dario (Croatia) admonished Emirhan Acar (m.52) and Ali Ersungur (m.66) for Turkey.

Incidents: match corresponding to the first day of Group C of the U-17 European Championship played at the Nes-Ziona stadium (Israel).