Dani Martínez and Irene Arcos, caught together after the actor’s breakup with Melissa Jiménez

Autumn has brought a new couple. And the comedian Daniel Martinez (40) and the actress Irene Arcos (42) walked their love through Madrid a few days ago. Both were photographed sharing kisses, hugs and knowing gestures.

Magazine Week This Wednesday, she published some snapshots in which the bride and groom appear walking the interpreter’s dog through the streets of the capital. The presenter, who appeared hidden behind a hood, He was very attentive to the artist while she was walking her dog.

The presenter and the actress, who have always proven to be careful with their private lives, had no problems showing their relationship naturally. Martínez, who previously He dated Blanca Suárez, Lara Álvarez and Miriam Rodríguez, This year he ended his relationship with Melissa Jimenez.

In January the comedian was still with the journalist, but later they both went their separate ways. Last June it was said that the communicator left her ex through a WhatsApp message. At the moment, This one comes out with the pilot Fernando Alonso.

Not even a month has passed since the interpreter participated in Martinez and brothers, the show that the presenter hosts on Movistar+. He gave her his bedside book, the biography of Julio Iglesiasand dedicated a book to him teaching how he likes to be contrary. The good harmony between them was evident.

The actress is one of the protagonists of Everyone liesa Movistar+ series, a platform on which the comedian has established a good position as a presenter.