Dani Martín explains the reason for his notable physical change: “This way we avoid all this issue”

Dani Martin has reappeared on their social networks. The singer set off alarm bells when last March he published a video from the studio of him much thinner and with long blonde hair (a very different physical appearance from his last public appearances). Faced with the barrage of questions about his notable physical change, the former lead singer of The Fool’s Song has He posted a video on his Instagram profile explaining that he had lost weight on purpose.

“If we find ourselves like this in things, on the street, in the supermarket, in these things that they go out to do when they let me leave this place where you know that some people who like clickbait put me in, yes, and that they I have put on glasses, because as the years go by you see worse and worse and so on, but I have lost weight, I have lost weight because I am taking care of myself, I am not sick nor do I have depression or anything like that.“, clarified the interpreter of Zero.

In addition, the artist has pointed out the changes he has noticed in his body by taking care of his diet. “I have better skin, I sleep better, and everything is better. Because being chubby with joy is wonderful, but being healthy from a wonderful diet is incredible. So We already save the issue that you have lost weight and all this kit. So you already go to the supermarket or the pharmacy, the stadium or whatever, and so do I. And we took away the thinness thing and that. Because there are a lot of nutritionists and a lot of coaches lately. It is confirmed: I have lost weight, I wear glasses and I have blonde hair“, it is finished.

Dani Martin He announced his temporary retirement from music in December 2022: “I plan to continue being who I am, I’m only going to improve as a person. See you later, see you always, until when it really emerges,” he said at that time.

After more than two years without new work, the singer surprised on February 19 (the day of his 47th birthday) with a new song starring the star of Elite. “Ester Expósito, Foto del Canto plays and you started dancing. My new song is already everywhere,” she sings about the 24-year-old performer.

His new song, which is titled Ester Expositoremembers the best of times of his time in The crazy’s songbut it also draws attention for verses as significant as these: “Wait and pinch me, I’ve seen Ester Expósito, I don’t know her in person and she drives me crazy“, “I look at her to see if she looks at me and everything happens” o ” Andster Exposito why don’t you look at me if I wrote it for us“.