Dani Alves loses new support. The former soccer player, arrested for an alleged sexual assault on a young woman on the night of December 30 to 31 at the Sutton nightclub, pleaded not guilty to this accusation last Wednesday at the Provincial Court of Barcelona. The trial was heard for sentencing, and, pending a final resolution, the athlete He has been left without the news agency he hired to reinforce his defense.

The former Barcelona CF player went last March, three months after his arrest, to the services of a company that was dedicated to analyzing the news that was published in Spain about the case, as reported this Monday The Digital Confidential.

The agency has journalists specialized in crisis communication and reputation who are dedicated to redefine the client's image and improve it for the gallery. Joana Sanz's husband trusted this company to help counteract the impact of the information that has been shared about him.

During this time, these professionals managed the interviews with Alves from prison. Requests from journalists were being organized by the company and they had to be approved by the Catalan prison authorities.

Between 4 and 12 years in prison

The Provincial Court last determined, after three sessions in which around twenty witnesses, Alves's wife and the accused himself, testified that the sentence will range between 4 and 12 years in prison.

The former Barcelona player, who cried during the hearing, pleaded not guilty. He also admitted that there was penetration after the victim performed fellatio on him, but he assured that they were consensual relations. Furthermore, he claimed to be “ruined”: “I have lost everything: my contract with the Pumas, sponsorships, advertising… Everything.”

Sanz defended the former soccer player and his friend, Bruno Brasil, changed his version. The other parties maintained their accusations. His mother, for her part, continues to defend him through social networks and on television.