Dani Alves has it bad if we listen to what the witnesses of the alleged rape say

Dani Alves (39) entered provisional prison without bail last Friday accused of allegedly raping a 23-year-old girl in a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30-31, located in Sarrià-sant Gervasi. The statements of the witnesses do not leave the former Barça player in a good place, who intends to testify again after having already given three versions that do not coincide.

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Among all the statements of dozens of witnesses collected by the Unit Against Sexual Assaults (UCAS) of the Mossos d’esquadra in Les Corts, that of the alleged victim’s companions stands out: her cousin and a friend of the two.

The latter, as anticipated The vanguard, maintains that the side also groped her violently before and brought her hand to her penis, until she managed to get away from him. Version that coincides with that of the alleged victim, who has already reported that the player also got close to his companions: “It was when I realized how I touched my friends and how close I was to them,” he said at a time of your statement.

Dani Alves, for whom a prison transfer has been agreed, has been hospitalized since last Friday. He was detained first thing in the morning after giving a statement. The athlete returned to Mexico, where he played with the Pumas, due to personal problems with his wife, Joana Sanzwho had lost his mother in recent days.

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Among the indications that also corner the player, the statement of the affected young woman, the medical examination she underwent, the images obtained by the local security cameras, the incongruous versions of the player himself and the biological samples from the bathroom, which They are being analyzed to check if they match those of the footballer. The dress that the young woman was wearing that night has also been delivered to be analyzed by the UCAS.

At the same time, the affected young woman described in perfect detail one of the tattoos that Alves wears on her abdomen. In one of the statements offered by the soccer player (all different), she assured that the girl had pounced on him while she was urinating, dressed and sitting on the toilet, and had performed fellatio on him. If true, the woman herself would not have been able to see said tattoo. The judge raised this question and he admitted, then, that he was not sitting but standing and that he had taken off his shirt.