Danger in Buckingham: an armed man is arrested in the general rehearsal of the coronation of Carlos III

London prepares to host the coronation of Charles III. The last dress rehearsal took place this Tuesday, May 2, at night, so as not to interfere too much with the intense life of the capital. Thousands of police, security guards and snipers watch over the parade and the enthronement ceremony. The entire route of the so-called King’s Procession, between Buckingham and Westminster Abbey, is bunkered.

At the rehearsal the escort of the home Cavalry, the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth and the British Overseas Territories and the British Armed Forces took to the streets. Everyone in their uniforms. Even the historic golden carriage chosen by George III for the opening of Parliament in 1762.

In full scenery, the suspect was arrested by the police. He was shouting: “I want to kill the king!” The man, who was armed with a knife, was carrying a bag, which was detonated by a controlled explosion. This is how the British tabloids have collected it, as seen in the upper capture of the Daily Mail.

Scotland Yard has not considered this isolated episode a terrorist attack. In the aforementioned bag that was exploded, the detainee had two passports, a mobile phone, a wallet, keys and bank cards, according to what he has published. The Sun.