Damaris formalizes his farewell to Athletic “with a clear conscience”

Damaris Egurrola officially gives his farewell to Athletic with a statement. It was long known that she was leaving the club, since her father released in a radio interview in late March that “my daughter has made the decision to leave this club. And whatever happens, it will go away. ” His signing for Real Madrid sounded strongly, with Barça also apparently on the prowl. A deep draft for the team Villacampa.

Damaris He says he says goodbye “to the club that has been everything to me in these last five years.” And he explains that he is leaving Athletic because he feels that “the time has come for new challenges that I have always dreamed of and that I face with great enthusiasm.” And he adds that “that ambition and that desire, together with a series of circumstances”, are what have pushed him to make this decision.

The Orlando-born player points out that she understands that there will be “all kinds of opinions”, but asks for “respect and understanding” in a situation that “perhaps has not occurred from the beginning as we wanted and that is really complicated”.

The midfielder highlights that it takes hours, games and experiences that she will always remember. “Unforgettable days”, such as his debut or playing at San Mamés. He thanks those who have helped him “grow as a footballer and also as a person.” To the technical staff, doctors, employees … For “the treatment received, all the trust placed in me and for all the work”. And of course, to his colleagues and the fans.

Damaris He concludes by stressing that “a new challenge begins, I am leaving with the clear conscience of having given everything up to the last day and prepared to face a new stage of my life.”