Dak wants to ‘gift a big W’ to McCarthy vs. Eagles

Dak wants to ‘gift a big W’ to McCarthy vs. Eagles 

The Dallas Cowboys have one more week to turn things around and get back on the winning side of the scoreboard.

The stakes for their impending rematch against the Philadelphia Eagles are as high as they can be at this stage of the season. Mike McCarthy has undergone an emergency appendectomy and is recovering.

Before McCarthy underwent surgery on Wednesday, the head coach of the Cowboys expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming football season, characterizing it as “playoff quality with the playoff consequences,” suggesting that Dallas might utilize their remaining opponent as an honing tool.

According to quarterback Dak Prescott, who echoed McCarthy’s assessment of the next task, “this is when the actual football begins,” on Thursday.

“That’s the reason I claimed I wasn’t doing anything a few weeks ago. In a way, this team hasn’t done anything.”

That is both accurate and partially untrue at the same time, since they have gone from humiliation in Week 5 to being the NFL’s top offensive, led by MVP front-runner DaRon Bland, who is making history, and a winning streak of four games as well as a 9-3 record.

And because they’ve been playing well lately—winning six of their previous seven games—they’re not far from the top seed in the NFC and the lead in the NFC East.

Prescott remarked, “These are the times we’ve prepared for.” “Not that we didn’t for these past games, since we need all of these matches, but this is the stretch on the season that, when you look into the schedule, there’s reason to be excited about.”

They have to first get revenge on the Eagles, though, who are keen to avoid going through their first two-game loss streak of the year after being humiliated and beaten by the 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field.

Next up is a trip to AT&T Stadium to play the Cowboys. With a 14-game winning streak, Dallas leads the division with a 4-1 record after a win.

The Cowboys need to win this game for a number of reasons, including their upcoming difficult two-game road trip that will take them to Buffalo’s frigid confines and Miami’s muggy blanket.

“We’re getting better, and that’s our primary and important goal, but whatever’s in front of us is all that we really want to accomplish, and it involves this stretch in December going into January—to take our momentum into the postseason and go to where the real goal is,” Prescott stated.

“And there needs to be an unprecedented level of communication. from both ball sides and showing mutual respect for one another.

It’s about realizing that in these uncertain times ahead, we must rely primarily on our fraternity and all that we have worked so hard to create.”

Dallas is full of energy this week [end], but it’s also reasonable to assume that what McCarthy is going through to be available for the biggest game of the season four days later will have a significant impact on the coaching staff or locker room.

Prescott stated to the Amazon Prime postgame program, “Really, we wanted to make sure that we’re all getting off (at the same time), using the cadence to our advantage.”

The linemen had previously desired a small item. Really, I just want to tell them to stop talking and let’s go.

Four days remain before the Cowboys take on the Carolina Panthers, and Prescott is in the middle of a weekly physical preparation regimen designed by him, coach Mike McCarthy, the Cowboys’ strength and conditioning staff, sports medicine staff, and personal physical therapist Luke Miller.

With this partnership, Prescott is playing some of his best football as he heads into Sunday’s crucial NFC East game at AT&T Stadium between the 9-3 Cowboys and the 10-2 Philadelphia Eagles.

If these teams faced off in the playoffs, it might matter even though it might not decide the division race.