Cunha: your moment in the derbi

Matheus Cunha will get his much-earned opportunity. According to Simeone’s latest tests in training prior to receiving Real Madrid, the Brazilian will form an attacking pair with Correa in the derby, with Carrasco and Llorente joining from the second row. The technician had handled several doubts in his scheme, with Cunha fighting with Griezmann for being the reference in attack. Both were the pair chosen at the Santiago Bernabéu, but for the Metropolitan Cholo was clear about his commitment to Correa.

Finally, the speed and explosiveness of the Brazilian has prevailed in the race and Cunha will return to eleven for the first time since that fateful afternoon of February 16. By then, the striker repeated ownership against Levante after having scored four days earlier against Getafe, increasingly important and with greater prominence in the rojiblanco systems. But, a fall by Duarte on his knee set off all the alarms and despite the fact that he avoided a major injury, he had to stop for a month and a half due to a high-grade sprain. A forced pause when he was better. In his return, Cunha has been earning his minutes again, competing with Griezmann, Correa, Suárez and a João Félix that has been injured when it was indisputable. And Cunha never gives up.


Photo by Matheus Cunha

The ’19’ takes advantage of every opportunity his coach gives him and He is the footballer with the highest offensive contribution per minute coming off the bench (he has three goals and four assists as a substitute). About to turn 23, Cunha’s evolution is essential to qualify for the next Champions League, but also for the future. Suárez has not renewed and the club is studying the striker for next seasonwhere the Brazilian aspires to have a key role after a first course of adaptation to LaLiga.

There is no better showcase than performing against the competition’s greatest rival and champion. At the Bernabéu he enjoyed a clear chance, but Courtois came out the winner in heads-up. Now Lunin will be the goalkeeper he will have to try to beat. Cunha has worked hard to improve the definition, a reconversion towards being an area reference and characteristics that are similar to those of the first Diego Costa, with that stride, energy and intensity that frightens the rival defense. Cunha is looking for his first big night as a rojiblanco.