Cultural causes cold sweat to Valencia, which wins the rooms in the penalty shootout | Copa del Rey 2019




Celades team is classified after being unable to beat the goal of the Castilian team in 120 minutes. Jaume Domenech cuts the first two pitches of the Castilians

Valencia Gay players, Soler and Maxi Gmez celebrate the qualification for the quarterfinals.

The singing of this Copa del Rey dressed again as pica could not have a better hero protagonist of historical deeds than the Cultural and Sports Leonesa, able to put the champion against the ropes even if his luck has left him on the edge of the quarterfinals. Bend to Atletico de Madrid and caused cold sweats in a Valencia that, at times, was expelled from the competition. The hand that held it was that of Jaume Domenech, that pair the first two penalties of the Castilians and nubl his hazaa. (Narration and statistics)

The warnings were not enough to prevent Valencia from trotting to the Kingdom of Len and taking a scare with a shot of Thresin in the first minute Soon Cultural found the weak point of the Celades team: the right band of Thierry Correia. The Portuguese suffered a lot in which he can be one of his last matches as a starter before the imminent arrival of the Rome captain, Alessandro Florenzi. I looked for the tickles August, that with a center-kick to the crossbar was about to surprise a confident Jaume. The duel is presumed very unequal, but the Portuguese could breathe when the Brazilian leaves the field with his shoulder dislocated.

Do not give even a break the Cultural and Valencia had a hard time approaching Giffard. Soler looked for him with a pass from the Ferran baseline, but Aitor arrived a thousandth earlier. Serious and supportive in defense, Jos Manuel Aira's team had an opponent under control who could not pull the claws. And, in addition, he stretched quickly in search of Jaume's goal.

The Valencians grew as he did Equal, always with the encouragement of Antonio Martnez in the neck and only in the creation despite the fact that Celades placed Kang-In forward to Gameiro. Still, the Frenchman sent his best chance chopped over the crossbar and fights to leave a pass back that Correia did not catch.

A chopped header of Kondogbia it was the warning with which the second part began in which, despite the entry of Maxi Gmez, Valencia also did not find where to reach a Cultural that left feeling powerful and dominating. Neither missing nor looking for Gameiro's speed. There was no way to mismatch the Leonese, who had the rooms on the thigh of Sergio Benito a few minutes after being committed to an extension in which they cowed Valencia.

Luque He hit a right on the crossbar and only the fear of losing Alent to the Valencians. But Giffard's mitt frustrated Ferran, who tried with another left-footed shot, and Sobrino's decision in a double shot sent them to the penalty spot, where Sant Jaume they appeared to stop the shots of Menudo and Benito.

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