‘Cucho’: “It seems that the Coliseum does not like to go to see the VAR”

Juan Camilo ‘Cucho’ Hernández, Getafe's Colombian forward, regretted this Monday at a press conference that the referee Jesus Gil Manzano not use the VAR to review the penalty that gave the victory to Granada (0-1) and said that “it seems” that in the Coliseum “doesn't like” reviewing doubtful plays.

The Andalusian team won with a maximum penalty transformed by Angel Montoro in the added time of the first part. The penalty, committed by the Togolese Djené Dakonam for taking down inside the area to the Venezuelan Yangel Herrera, was not reviewed by the referee, who decided to point out the maximum punishment. That, as indicated the 'Cucho, it hurt his team.

“It was not a penalty. I never like to get into arbitration controversies. I am one of the first to say that their work is difficult, but they make life difficult for themselves. There is no problem in taking two minutes to go see the play and that's it. It seems crazy to me. But it is what it is, “he explained.

“It does bother me personally that during the game he was a little disrespectful to us (the referee), threatening us from the first minute. It conditions the game, but we put it aside. I will continue working. We must improve this of the VAR, there are many controversies, I don't like to get involved, but I have to say it, “he added.

The Getafe striker described as “surprising “that the referee Jesús Gil Manzano He did not review the play and stressed that on occasions, in other meetings, others have been much less doubtful.

“The minimum that the VAR should have done is tell the referee to review it. Don't freak out and don't tell him to go check it, I think it is more the fault of the VAR than of the referee himself which is in the field. The referee interprets one thing, he thinks it is a penalty, but for that we have the VAR, so that he can go and analyze. If he had gone, he would not have called a penalty. Surprisingly it was not and It seems that at the Coliseum they don't like to go see the VAR “he added.

The penalty that gave Granada three points in Getafe

In addition, he assured that “the game would have been another” in the event that the penalty had not been whistled and affirmed that, after several hours and with a cool head, “even the referee Jesus knows that it is not a penalty.”

“It's crystal clear. What surprises us all is that I don't even know take the trouble to go see him at VAR on a play where Djené touches the ball first. If he interprets the play and it is a penalty for him … but if at least he went to see it, perfect. But that he is not going to see it seems surprising to me, the truth, “he insisted.

“We don't think that about whether the deal remains the same or not when Getafe is whistled. It seemed strange to me that from the first minute they are threatening us. They are doing a campaign every weekend and the less important things are highlighted. it is done in the field, of what is said, when all the teams and all the players tell each other things, “he added.

As an example, he revealed that his Granada compatriot, Luis Suárez, who made it clear that he has been a “friend and partner” for many years, said things that “cannot be said.”

“We are in a campaign with less important things when the important ones, the good game, the real Getafe, it does not occur to them to take it out on the network or news when that should be the important thing. The press wait for the Getafe puncture or do a bad deed just to notice it. They don't look at the good things. “

Now, the ‘Cucho’ indicated that Getafe He is already thinking about the next match and said that he and his team are aware that they have to improve to get a good result again.

In addition, he praised the work of Granada, who did not want to take away any merit in his victory because it would be “unfair” and acknowledged that the work that the Nasrid team is doing in LaLiga and in Europe must be valued.

By last, talked about his lack of goals despite good games who has signed: “You live from the goal. Your teammates, the coaching staff hope that in addition to the work you do, the goal will be scored. I am aware that yesterday I had an opportunity to score and did not enter. That happens. It happens to the forwards When you don't want to go in, you don't go in and when you're on a roll, go in. “