Cubería puts another incentive to the playoff final

There is no lack of incentives to the clash between Portugalete and the Sestao River tomorrow in Sarriena (19.30). A promotion in competition, derby of the Left margin, the two favorites of the Basque group face to face, all the wait lived in the current academic year, the unsuccessful attempts of both groups in previous seasons … If the duel contains enough reasons for attraction, in itself, to Mikel Cubería will have extra encouragement. Defend the colors of Portugalete being natural of Sestao.

And he also has a green-black past. “In youth I played a couple of years. I did the preseason with the oldest last year, but I did not stay, “he says Cutlery to MD. It will not be any day for the valet player: “I have lived all my life in town, I know the board, the fans, the coach … It is a special game for me”.

An appointment for the promotion that has been waiting a year. “It has been hard and long” and in the Portugalete they are “eager to finish in the best possible way”. The pulse will be high-flying: “We have shown the two teams that we deserved to be in Segunda B, it is a shame that only one can go up”.

He Portugalete He has been staying two seasons at the gates of promotion. Last year, even twice. “Soccer always gives you a new opportunity every year and we have to take advantage of it. The third may go past due, “he says Cutlery. But it will not be the same as on previous occasions. Tomorrow there will be no one in the stands. They were able to experience a preview in the semifinal against him Basconia. “It was a cold game, you could hear everything. It is a shame because they are two teams with a lot of fans and you will not be able to see that party on the field. From being a beautiful game to being more like a preseason, “explains the Sestaotarra.

The tables at the end of the ninety minutes grant the ticket to Second B to the vases. “An element that we are definitely going to play with. We know that the River he is going to have to go for the party and we are experts against it ”, he explains Cutlery. It is an advantage, however the defender warns of possible dangers: “We are not going to be calmer, but it does allow you to play with the result.”

He Portugalete prevailed 4-1 in Florida and equaled in Las Llanas (2-2), although it was the green-blacks who rescued a point with two targets in the final stretch. Do the precedents influence anything? “All the River-Portu they are special. If we rely on that, we are making a mistake because the River He has a very good team and great players to beat us. We cannot be trusted for any results. ”

A hobby will be partying tomorrow, but it should be moderate because the coronavirus is still very present. Cutlery He also wanted to do his bit and call for calm if the coin falls on the side of the Portugalete: “We must heed the recommendations of HealthWe are at a critical point. It can be celebrated the same way from home, there will be time in the future to celebrate it all together. We will have a good party in Florida when they let us do everything. ”