Cuadrado and Martín, Spanish long-distance sprint champions in Beret


Irati Cuadrado and Lander Martín, both from the Navarra Federation and the Irrintzi Ski Club, were proclaimed this Saturday champions of Spain in cross-country skiing by Iberdrola in the sprint modality, in the Pla de Beret, in the Val d'Aran.

The test adapted all its routes to compete exclusively in the Pla de Beret and ended up being a route of almost 1.5 km and with a cumulative slope of 48 meters.

Cuadrado, who won all the rounds, managed to finish ahead of the very strong Catalans Berta Guitart and Nuria Ruiz in the final. “I am very happy, although the sensations were not good initially. I was not good, but I have been progressing better,” she said in statements provided by the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation (RFEDI).

“The qualifying had started feeling good, but I kept my strength to push harder in the following ones. In the final I had abdominal cramps, but I managed to finish in a tight final sprint,” said Martín, who won ahead of Pablo Moreno and Martín Morales .