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The Balkan team yields favoritism for this Sunday to Spain after its eternal semifinal against Norway

Stockholm (Sweden) .- Croatian players celebrate after wnning the semi ...

Croatia players celebrate their victory in the semifinals.
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Appears Domagoj Duvnjak at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, he leans on his knees, he hurts, he walks half lame and Ugh, I'm fatal! he exclaims. The last one follows Luka Stepancic, repeat the liturgy and admit: The truth, I have not slept at all. Accompany Igor Vori, coach coach Linen Cervar, look at yours and mother ma, we are dead, regrets. Croatia appears in the final of this European this Sunday (16.30, Teledeporte) waving the white flag and how much advantage Spain is supposed to have and how much danger this rival has. The wear suffered by the Balkan team against Norway in the semifinals, with five players -Duvnjak, Stepancic, Zlatko Horvat, Igor Karacic Y David Mandic– Over 60 minutes of play makes the team that directs Jordi Ribera the favorite to gold, but at the same time presents a trap. If at some point you have to fear until Croatia is when you are injured, when you can no longer.

We are very emotional, warm blooded, when we are on we give everything. The next day we are for the drag, you see us, but as soon as the next game starts, start over. In the two extensions against Norway we proved it, but we had already done it before: in the group stage, against Germany, we lost five and we won and against Spain, we lost six and we tied. It is our character, analyzes Vori, who was the pivot of Barcelona from 2005 to 2007 and retired in 2018. His generation, which led Ivano Balic, I lost the two European finals played by Croatia, in 2008 and 2010, but, according to him, that now is not a pressure: What goes, what goes, these players are very young, maybe they did not even see those games. Gold in the European is the only medal that my country lacks, but they don't like that.

With the tie in the group stage as a precedent and with the fatigue of Croatia as a hoax, Spain must take the game to its ground, to the fluid handball, to the speed in the game, and to flee the battle that its rival will pose, of Everything sentimental. The more you face the environment, the more options you will have the choice to win, more in a pavilion that, as already happened in the semifinals, be packed with Croatian fans. With the direct ticket to the Tokyo Olympics as a prize, again the circulation of the ball and the launch of Lex Dujshebaev will be essential to open the tight Balkan defense. In the group stage, Croatia against Spain hung on Karacic's arm, which reached ten points, but this time the central Duvnjak and the pivot will have more prominence Marino Maric. Who does not seem to play is Luka Cindric, which drags a muscle injury and yesterday they do not even enter. Croatia is sore, uf !, uf !, everyone is complaining, and so perhaps it is an even greater threat.

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