Cristina Pedroche's strong message after criticism of her Campanadas dress

It never rains to everyone's liking, and unless they tell Cristina Pedrochewho once again divided public opinion with the dress she wore to say goodbye to the year from Puerta del Sol. They were her 10th Chimes and they were the most special for her due to the birth of her daughter, Laia Pedroche Muñozin July.

The presenter first dressed in a layer of recycled wool on which hydroponic cultivation was practiced. Her main dress was underneath her and, as usual, she kept it a secret until seconds before the most popular clock's chime began to ring. It was inspired by a river nymph and loaded with symbols in a sustainable way. The outfit was signed by the Navarrese designer Paula Ulargui under the tutelage of the creative director of Pedroche, who once again was Josie.

After the commotion generated on social networks by her risky choice, the Vallecano left a message on her Instagram profile this Monday, January 1: “Importance to what is important.” In stories, she also wrote: “What matters. Happy new year.”

Along with these words, Pedroche shared the speech he gave from the balcony of Antena 3: “What you see here is pure nature, pure nature that is sheltering me and that reminds me of the importance of taking care of it (…) For this We need water, the most valuable resource we have. Water that is increasingly scarce, water that is in serious danger. This night full of life and hope I join Greenpeace to ask that 2024 be the year in which there is a turning point“We have to protect the water, to do so is to protect ourselves.”

The presenter added: “Without water there is no life, there is no future for our sons and daughters. It is our responsibility to take care of the planet, the house where we live, because it is our obligation to leave it in perfect condition for those who come after us. It is the best gift we can leave them for when we are no longer here. Taking care of water is taking care of our present, which is your future, it is betting on life.“.

His daughter was very present in his message: “And talk about life on this special night for me is to remember that I have been able to experience the extraordinary sensation of giving life and this is why today more than ever I want to pay tribute to all the mothers, to all of us, to those who gave us life, watered us and took care of us since we were born. To those mothers who raise and protect us, who love us unconditionally, who love us, who we love madly. Let us not forget that wild and animal instinct that keeps us irremediably and strongly linked to the earth, a land in which we are on loan. Let's take care of it as if it were ours, as if our lives depended on it because, although it is urgent, we still have time. Let's save the water“, he stated.

After the Bells, Dabiz Muñoz's wife has focused attention on her speech and has not refuted the negative opinions that viewers have left about her dress. For some it was a ridiculous choice that once again has been simplified to a meme and joke on the Internet. For others, her dress borders on plagiarism due to the resemblance she bears to another that Becky G already wore.

Be that as it may, Cristina Pedroche's Chimes with Alberto Chicote have once again been the most viewed, largely due to the expectation generated by the presenter's dress. The broadcast of the main Atresmedia network to say goodbye to the year and welcome 2024 swept away 5,608,000 viewers and 34.4% of share at the exact minute of the 12 grapes. They have led for the third consecutive year.