Cristina Pedroche’s new adventure: she launches a book as therapy for her fears of motherhood

She has never hidden it: being a mother has been for Cristina Pedroche the most wonderful experience of his life, but while the unconditional love for his little girl Laia has taken control of her, in turn the collaborator of zapping and wife of Dabiz Muñoz She has experienced contradictory emotions that have destabilized her: fear of not being up to par, of not being able to do everything, of disappointing as a mother…

She confesses that she has had the best time of her life “feeling bad.” But it seems that in the moments of depression, in those moments when, without knowing why her eyes were flooding with tears, she grabbed onto a piece of paper to pour out her emotions. “I have always liked to write, but since I became pregnant and, above all, since my daughter was born, I have needed to write as therapy. Put it all down on paper so I can understand myself better. I was writing and writing, and when I realized I had something that could look like a book, but I didn’t decide to share it with anyone, not even my family. It’s something very mine, the most intimate thing I have, my thoughts and my feelings,” he said on his networks.

However, a good friend convinced her and all that she wrote as a way to vent has ended up becoming her first book, titled, Thanks to fear. A story of bravery, discovery and unconditional love. Published by Editorial Planeta, it will go on sale on June 5 and, as the publisher anticipates, “It is a personal story that hurts for its honesty and captivates for its beauty. A brave testimony about how to stand up to fear”.

In the book, Cristina addresses topics such as the need to listen to ourselves, the consequences of hate on social networks, and the importance of preserving mental health. Without a doubt, a very intimate story in which the woman from Madrid reveals her most intimate feelings. “I am very afraid and I have had many doubts, because as I tell you, this is my story, and soon it will be yours too,” confesses Pedroche, who if she has done something that makes her so dizzy, it is because she believes that this will help, as he says, “so that other people don’t feel alone”.

“I hope that I learn new things from all this. I tell myself that it will be worth it. I know that I will end up thanking my fears,” she concluded.