Cristina Pedroche’s bad drink with her daughter at the airport: “Hysterical”

The presenter has arrived in Spain after accompanying her husband in Mexico, where she received the award for Best Chef in the World for the third consecutive year. An arrival that has not been, by any means, as calm and discreet as she expected: “I have seen paparazzi and I have become hysterical. I know that they do their job but I get very nervous and even more so if I go with the girl.” , he has confessed.

“If there are already many hours of flight and I don’t feel like being taken out with this face, then even less with her. I get hysterical. Thank goodness she’s asleep and I’ve put the blanket on her so that nothing can be seen of her. “I don’t like it,” he said. Cristina Pedroche on their social networks.

A confession that, to the surprise of the presenter herself, has received dozens of criticisms in a few minutes: “Why so much drama? Look, I liked you, but this intensity since you became a mother… it seems that you invented motherhood. No. “I know how others could have done it. I can’t stand it anymore. Calm down woman, you’re not the navel of the world or the only mother. How difficult it must be to manage fame,” writes one of her followers. “You’re crazy in the head. Being a mother has done you a lot of harm,” adds another. “How stupid you are. You get nervous about everything. If you don’t want them to see your face, why are you uploading this post then? You’re going to transmit all that fear and insecurities to your daughter,” says another of her haters.

She responded to settle the issue: “I swear I didn’t see all the hate that the video generated coming. It’s not just that they don’t take photos of it, it’s what is generated around it. If there is no press we leave quickly and nobody looks at us but with the press we attract a lot of attention,” he said. “I don’t hide the girl but I do protect her from all the hate I receive. I only ask for respect, nothing more.”