Cristina Pedroche, two months after becoming a mother: “I need to feel that I am not alone or crazy”

The presenter’s first interview after the birth of her little girl Lara. Beautiful and very physically recovered from pregnancy and childbirth, Cristina Pedroche He has spoken at length about how complicated this new stage of his life is being for him: “I would prefer to have a bigger belly and a worse body but a better head, I’m not well.”

Cristina Pedroche has lived on a roller coaster since she became a mother: “I cry a little every day. Two months ago my daughter was born and I was born as a mother. I have new fears, new emotions… She is an angel, perfect, but I have many lights and shadows. What I have learned most is that it is very important to surround yourself with good professionals and people, to weave a network of mothers who make you feel that you are neither alone nor crazy“. And her fears have multiplied in recent weeks: “I am very afraid that something will happen to the girl. Everything makes me sad, that she grows up, that she’s cold, that she’s hot… I see her so small, so fragile…” And he adds: “I’m forcing myself to leave the house because I don’t feel good when I leave her! And I left her with my mother!”

“Now I want eight children,” he says

Problems aside, Cristina is happy with her daughter, whose image she has decided to protect on social networks. Lara’s face is a mystery but Pedroche has given some clues: “She looks a lot like Dabiz. In the ultrasounds you could already see her nose. I only asked that she come out dark, like me, but she is very white, she is like him. His eyes are big and dark and when he laughs he looks like me… but nothing, just like his father,” he admits. “David has also changed, now he comes home earlier, he drools over the girl. “Now I’m even more in love with him.”

“Now I look at my daughter and I’m dying of love,” says the businesswoman. “Now I want to have eight more children”. And Lara came into the world without an epidural at the express wish of her mother: “I prepared myself for hypnobirthing. It was great, although without an epidural the screams are interesting… It’s recorded. I wanted to be a mammal, an animal… I felt it everything, how the baby writhed in each phase of labor, when he crowned and I already knew he was going to be born… I only felt fear on one occasion, when my body began to push on its own.