Cristina Pedroche sets the networks on fire with her latest romantic getaway to Menorca

Cristina Pedroche y Dabiz Muñoz They welcomed their first daughter, Laia, last July 14. Since then, the presenter has publicly shown her experience with motherhood in this new stage of her life, receiving numerous congratulations, but also criticism for it. A few weeks after the publication of her first book, her latest post has not left anyone indifferent with some photographs in the crystalline waters of Menorca, where she has gone to spend a few days of “disconnection” with the cook and his daughter. Precisely, those snapshots with which she looks great are the ones that have placed her back in the eye of the hurricane.

“Being very happy. I always try to imitate the photos of the influencers and I don’t know how they do it, but I don’t come out the same. The last one is the best as always”, he wrote alongside the post, without imagining the wave of criticism that was to come. “The order of the factors does alter the product; to disconnect previously you would have to be connected…” or “You spend your life disconnecting, you don’t have a nose or anything” These are some of the comments that users have left on their networks.

Shortly after, the comments were getting louder: “I think everything is slipping away from you except the likes and the money!! I sincerely hope that you never truly have depression.”; “This is a movie”. However, many have wanted to come to the presenter’s defense: “Mother of beautiful love. If you don’t like her, why do you follow her? To have a target to criticize? I don’t understand,” one of the women asked. fans of her. “One person’s happiness is the envy of many people.”