Cristina Pedroche heats up the Chimes with a daring outfit with her abdomen exposed

Cristina Pedroche returns to her big stage less than six months after giving birth to her little girl Laia. The Vallecano presenter is now ready to take charge of Antena 3's Campanadas for the tenth time. This Friday, she herself published the first promotional images, in which the presenter poses with Alberto Chicote his partner since 2016, with his abdomen exposed and bell-bottom pants.

“Once again we are waiting for you on December 31 on Antena 3 to say goodbye to the year. I can't wait this year,” he wrote this Friday on his social networks. The outfit in which he poses belongs to the Valencian haute couture brand Isabel Sanchís. The top, with XXL puffed sleeves, is from the first-summer 2024 collection. While the flared pants, with a detail cut-outthey are from this season.

“One more year around this time I'm already very nervous. It's true that this year I'm even more so.

I need everything to go well. That doesn't mean that I expect you all to like the dress and the proposal, I know that's impossible,” Cristina wrote, sharing all of her feelings for this important day: “For me to succeed that night is to leave Puerta del Sol with my head held high knowing that I have given everything.”proud of my work and my team.”

At the same time, she has opened a melon regarding the dress, the great unknown of each year due to the expectation generated by her daring and curious choices: “That is the only thing I need, although I recognize that this year The dress is soooo special that you all like it too“. And he declared: “There is nothing left… And very very soon more clues and surprises.”

A key 2023

This 2023 has been a decisive year for the presenter and her husband, Dabiz Muñoz for the birth of their first daughter together in July. Likewise, the winner of four Michelin stars has been crowned, for the third consecutive year, as the best chef in the world at The Best Chef Awards gala, which was held last November in Mexico. The presenter, as she already did before giving birth, has explained throughout this time how she has been feeling postpartum, showing the good side and, especially, giving visibility to the not so good side.

Furthermore, she and Dabiz have had to adapt as a family: “You have to get used to going from two to three. I'm taking care of the relationship because I keep in mind that before being a mother I am still a woman and a professional. That's why I wanted to join in when breastfeeding. “I was established, I had my milk bank in the freezer and everything was under control,” she recently confessed in Joaquín, the rookie (Antenna 3).