Cristina Pedroche and her Password, Mediaset’s best asset at a worrying start to the season

It could be said that Sunday, when the audience preview for Saturday the 23rd is known, is an oasis for Mediaset. Within Telecinco’s share disaster at the beginning of the season, Got Talent It is his great asset; not so much because he is a great player, but he leads again, surpasses a million viewers and crushes the ‘Password’ of Antena 3, Atresmedia’s Achilles heel. Cristina Pedroche It marks a very discreet 5.6%, with 546,000 viewers, and is the fourth option in its slot, behind Telecinco, La 1 and Cuatro. It could almost be said (pardon the irony) that Pedroche is Mediaset’s best asset.

But that’s as far as the good news for the Fuecarral chain, which exhausts its assets and sees how the heavyweights of its new bets mark data between very bad or insufficient. Leaving aside the Chinese Stories of Jorge Javier Vázquez, with audiences around 7%, whom some already consider dead, the ‘new’ Mediaset has Ana Rosa Quintana as the third option in the afternoons (without taking into account the regional ones). And what’s worse, Big Brother VIP suffers a 20-point drop compared to the previous installment.

Telecinco has complemented its spring and summer failures with three autumn disappointments that not only prevent it from competing against the leadership of Antena 3, but also make it impossible for it to even fight for the silver medal against TVE’s La 1 with The promise o Masterchef Celebrity.

Telecinco not only does not gain audience compared to the last stage of Paolo Vasile, but is on track to close the month of September more than 2 points below the data obtained last year.

The GH VIP sangria

Big Brother VIP no longer acts as the driving force of the friendly network, as it did in the past. The reality show led by Martha Flich It saves the furniture, but it does not stand out with its finery by any means. This past Thursday Masterchef Celebrity led with 15.2% compared to GH VIP’s 12.3%. And the former footballer Joaquín stands up from Antena 3 with very good data to be facing two giants like him. talent culinary and house live.

The GH Vip figure is higher than the chain’s average, but it is worrying compared to the numbers indicated by the reality show in the last installment that was broadcast in 2019. At that time, the seventh edition of the contest averaged a 32,3% share, which is almost 20 points more than what we have from the eighth round.

Sol Macaluso, Jessica Bueno, Oriana Marzoli, Luca Dazi, Karina, Michel Terlizzi, Albert Infante, Zeus Montiel, Pilar Llori, Gustavo Guillermo, Laura Bozzo, Álex Ganiggia, Pedro García Aguado, Carmen Alcayde, Luitingo, Marta Castro, Susana Bianca and Javier Fernández does not seem enough to turn the situation around.

Ana Rosa drops almost 6 points with the change of stripe

The new TardeAR of the “emeritus” queen of the mornings does not regain the reign in the afternoons and Ana Rosa, who left that slot 19 years ago, has been defeated in her first week. She is third with almost 11% compared to La Promesa de TVE and the magazine And now Sonsoles, that is ‘vasilized’ just like Public mirror accused of ‘saving himself’ after the signing of a former director of the La Fábrica de la Tele magazine show and some fellow members and workers who come from that quarry, such as Gema López. But it seems that at the moment it works because Joaquín Prat is not comfortable in the mornings either when it comes to hearings.

“For me today is a first time, another first time, after 18 years saying good morning, well today I start saying good afternoon,” began Ana Rosa, who suffers the drag of the after-dinner magazine Sandra Barnedawith a worse share than Jordi Hurtado on La 2. Last Friday, the queen of the mornings scored 10% in her afternoon, far from the data of the defenestrated and stigmatized Save me. “We did well, we could have done better,” acknowledged Ana Rosa Quintana after her cold debut the previous Monday. And since then he hasn’t recovered. Nor have their successors done so in the morning, The Critical Look and Let’s See, played in front of Alfonso Arús, La Hora de La 1, the renewed Public Mirror and not to mention Carlos Arguiñano But the thing is that Mañaneros, of Jaime Cantizano‘progresses adequately’ in La 1, as a teacher would say, and is already heading towards 10%.

Chinese stories, nominated to leave the house

“The program’s audiences are, being benevolent, clearly room for improvement. Personally, they are not meeting my expectations either. I expected better figures.” With these words Jorge Javier Vázquez recognizes in his blog the failure of his blurred Chinese stories. The star format of La Fábrica de la Tele is dubbed daily by El hormiguero 3.0, it has lost its Thursday edition and hovers around a very sad 7% share which has led it to worsen the slot it occupies.

“To begin with, it is important to accept the situation. Not try to embellish it or cling to strange excuses. It helps me to isolate myself: avoid reading news about the program and going online. It is not beneficial,” says the one from Badalona.

Jorge Javier assures that he has lived “complicated program beginnings.” And he asks for time: “I am not moving into unknown territory. The difference I see with respect to the past is that the audience is more professional. They know a lot about television and it is increasingly difficult for them to continue giving opportunities because they have a multitude of offers to turn to.” if one does not convince you. And the secret of success in television, like that of so many businesses, is time. Patience. Letting the products rest and acquire consistency. Essence. And, in the best of cases, soul “.

Of course, a failure will not lead to the canvas either, he assures: “It is also true that goodbyes are more accepted at the age of 53 than when one is starting a career. In any case, it helps to keep in mind that your profession is not to operate at open heart and that there is no risk of any life being lost. A note: being number one for many years I have experienced moments of profound unhappiness. That is to say, not even an audience regular sinks you into the abyss, nor does what we know as success give you happiness.

His dream, he says, is to “improve a little bit day after day. Pining for a tenth more. Fighting to get your head together and survive. That’s what this business is like. What you’ve done or been before is of little use. Only the present is useful. Here “You don’t live on income.”

The income is of no use to GH VIP, Ana Rosa and Jorge Javier Vázquez, old/new formats and communicators that Mediaset trusted to help Telecinco come back in the fall. But the failure of Chinese Tales, the loss of audience for the reality show and the disappointing numbers of AR push the network into a very complicated situation. Jorge Javier is right that this war is as young as the autumn we just started.