Cristina Gutiérrez: “It has been extremely demanding, but the car is still in perfect condition”


The Spanish driver in the Dakar Rally Cristina Gutiérrez recognized an “extremely demanding” stage this Friday after completing the 547-kilometer marathon double day with a third place in the stage in her category and eleventh overall.

“The stage has been extremely demanding,” admitted the Red Bull team member upon reaching the finish line in Shubaytah, in statements provided by her team. “Today's kilometers were particularly intense due to the increased temperature in the gearbox, which required us to stop for a few minutes to allow it to cool,” she said.

The woman from Burgos is third overall in the 'Challenger' standings with 28 hours and 26 minutes, also optimistic because the car is still “in perfect condition.” “Overall, we are satisfied because the car is still in perfect condition. We have a full day to carry out repairs and enjoy the day of rest,” she concluded.

Cristina, in her eighth Dakar, completed an excellent sixth stage in the 48-hour time trial and consolidated her presence on the podium in the 'Challenger' category with a great comeback along a route completely dominated by the dunes of the 'Empty Quarter'.

The Spanish, less than an hour and 30 minutes behind the leader, the Polish Eryk Gozcal, and only 24 minutes behind the second, Mitchell Guthrie, has a regular path through the Dakar 2024, where she has been among the top 10 in all stages except in the fourth, where he had a navigation failure and a mechanical problem.